About Me

My tea journey began when I was 2 years old. I visited my grandmother on a regular basis and she would have the ladies from the church, “the circle”, at her house. They always had tea and treats in the afternoon and since I was there, I did too. I had my own tea cup which was a demitasse. Truth be known, my tea was mostly milk but I didn’t know that. I was having tea with my gramma and that was all that mattered to me!

As the years passed, I continued to have tea and treats with my grandmother. My grandmother always had tea in the afternoon and it was always a pleasure to have tea with my grandmother. Some years ago my grandmother passed away. The smell of tea always conjured up memories of taking tea with gram and the ladies from church.

In December of 2011 my daughter came home at Christmas with loose leaf tea gifts for the family. She showed me some of the tea. I was curious about it as I’d never had loose leaf tea. All the tea I had had was in a tea bag and most of the tea had come from the grocery store. When I tasted that tea I couldn’t believe the amazing taste. I couldn’t wait to share my new found tea. I bought 3 half pounds of tea and began selling loose leaf tea.

It became apparent to me right away that I knew very little about tea. I began researching and purchased some books about tea. From there, I became a certified tea specialist. I’m still taking classes and plan to be a certified tea professional and a certified tea health expert.


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