Sterling Silver Teapots

Sterling Silver Teapot, Sugar Bowl and Creamer

My Grandmother’s Sterling Silver Teapot

This is the teapot I had tea from virtually my entire life with my grandmother. I use the sugar bowl daily but the creamer and the teapot, not so much. I always loved the tea my grandmother made in that pot so I began researching the silver teapot to find out why it was used and when it was used. These are actually silver plate not solid sterling but the information regarding it’s use is pretty interesting.

Between 1810 and 1835 the sides of the teapot became straight and it became larger. A bit later, they went back to the round teapot we are so familiar with. In the 1700s the teapot was round too. It was just during this time that the teapot changed shape.

From what I am able to find, this is from the 1950s. I was able to find lots of information to substantiate the fact that these teapots make great tea. I also noted that on the inside of the teapot there are holes where the spout is. I’m going to polish this baby up and make some loose leaf tea in it!

There are hundreds of sterling silver plate tea services online for purchase. It amazes me how many there are and I’m also amazed at the prices! If there’s anyone out there that knows more about this than me, please share, I’d love to know more about this. Also, if you happen to know about various kinds of vintage teapots, please share!

As I said in another post….the tea world is vast. There are many facets and I’m pretty sure you’ll find one that interests you!


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